Call to Action: Success Factors, Measurements and Driving the Right Behaviour

Business leaders need to set a direction. To do that effectively it is necessary to know what you're trying to measure to promote change, and drive the adoption of green software engineering practices.

The Call to Action (CTA) series at the Green Software Foundation continues, a recurring series on practical actions around Green Software.

There's a growing understanding of the need for organisations to be green or consider sustainability. But what metrics can we use to measure success?
In the first article in the Call to Action on Green Software, I talked about spreading the message of green software within organisations. Spreading this message will be the basis for change, and help us to drive the adoption of green software engineering practices. That said, how do we know if spreading this message is creating change and moving us closer to success? What is success in this context anyway?
To answer these questions, and to ensure we're moving in the right direction, we need to define success and the measurements which demonstrate success.
Where measurements align with our personal values, or individual motivation—career success, drive, desire for a better world, or pay—then our behaviour can be influenced.

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