Ready by Design: Help to design a better digital future

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I was one of the presenters at Women of Silicon Roundabout.

Emerging technology has given us unprecedented opportunities and challenges for business, society and the world.

Innovation is changing our world at such a pace that humans and society are struggling to keep up.

If we designed the world today, harnessing technology and our knowledge of its impact, how would we do it differently?

How do we best harness it for better experiences, positive human impact and social good?

Learn about the latest in tech innovation and digital potential in this interactive design-led thinking workshop, where attendees will contribute to designing a better future!

Key takeaways include:

How emerging technology and innovation insights will impact our work and personal lives

How we adapt to the challenges and opportunities created

How techniques such as design-led thinking and agile help us to design and deliver change

The role of ethics, diversity and inclusion in our advancement

How we can use technology and innovation to make a positive impact on society and the world

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