MIT Future Compute: A round-up

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Heads up! This information might be outdated since it was last updated over a year ago. Please double-check the information before relying on it.

Following my blog post about MIT Future Compute, I co-authored a more in depth article about cloud tech trends and connectivity for Avanade Techs and Specs.

What’s on the horizon? 2021 and beyondI was lucky enough to attend MIT Future Compute 2021, to understand theconvergence of various technologies, from the Internet of Things to new(-ish)connectivity options, like 5G and LoRaWAN. Future Compute 2021An examination of the computing landscape, hosted online byMIT Technology Review Febru…SealjayChris Lloyd-JonesThe blog covers cloud, 5G, sustainability, quantum, classical compute. TODO: Add social tile.

If you read nothing else – then know this: everything is converging. AI and Machine Learning infused the picture from every commentator – and this demonstrates to us that now is an inflection point, where great things will be created through the combination, re-combination and experimentation of these technologies.

We don’t know where everything will land, but the impact of connectivity, and sovereign internet, led us to posit four scenarios:

  1. Collaborative Outputs – Knowledge workers leave the city, and work in a globalized highly connected world
  2. Global villages – Cities remain collaborative hubs for new ventures and technologies, with digital third spaces focusing on messaging
  3. Fragmented tribes – Travel becomes limited, and data fragments with the imposition of internal walls to accommodate data sovereignty within corporations, leading to competing standards for data sharing
  4. Urban foxes – Travel resurges, and corporations re-adapt to cross-border working, with connectivity focusing on the last mile, supporting the Intelligent Edge.

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