Cognitive Search Series

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Heads up! This information might be outdated since it was last updated over a year ago. Please double-check the information before relying on it.


  1. How to set up an indexer on a blob store - Create an indexer - Azure Cognitive Search | Microsoft Docs
  2. How to integrate with a Python website - Azure Cognitive Search client library for Python — Azure SDK for Python 2.0.0 documentation (


  1. How the dataset was created & kept up to date -  How we might use the knowledge store to update this - -  Create your first Python web crawler using Scrapy - Like Geeks

  2. Creating a layout with tailwind - Tailwind UI - Official Tailwind CSS Components [Installation - Tailwind CSS]( Optimizing for Production - Tailwind CSS

  3. Bringing it all together with Pulumi and GitHub Actions -

If you want to skip to the end, the accompanying GitHub repository is already freely available.