Call to Action: Spreading the Message of Green Software

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Heads up! This information might be outdated since it was last updated over a year ago. Please double-check the information before relying on it.

I wrote a blog for the Green Software Foundation - the start of a recurring series that I’m very excited about - Call to Action (CTA) -  practical steps for spreading the message of green software within organisations.

I’ve been invited to regularly write and share my thoughts on spreading the message of green software; why this is important, and other trends I’m seeing in this space. I’ll start today by talking about top-down, and bottom-up change.

Geoffrey James, in the Tao of Programming, said “Let the programmers be many and the managers few - then all will be productive.”

This viewpoint has some validity. I’m incredibly aware of the drains on my productivity and creativity from context switching, but it fails to take into account the positive benefits that a strong support structure can provide, including supporting change, training, and the development of new skills.

See the full article at the Green Software Foundation website.